Protective Role of CBD in Herniated Discs

Herniated discs seem to be the bane of modern workplace. They can be disabling and repetitive for many people especially heavy lifting and hard working individuals. Current treatment is quite limited except for pain shots or spinal surgery that may not offer the success hoped for.

The reason for herniated discs seems to be related to inflammation. That may cause the cells in the disc to die and weaken the protective function in serves to the fibrous ring that acts like cushion between the spinal vertebra. Anti-inflammatory drugs have not been able to quell the inflammation but a recent animal study suggests that CBD could be the answer for protecting the corp of the herniated discs from deteriorating. That would be a big step in preventing the herniation process and protecting millions of people against this modern plague of the workplace.

Cannabidiol is the major component of cannabis. Cannabis has two major types, marijuana and hemp. Hemp is no psychoactive effects and products like CBD are legal across the US.

A spinal disc is made up of a central living core, called the nucleus pulposis, and a fibrous sheath. Herniated disc occur when the fibrous sheath weakens and the nucleus bulges into the nerve space. In this study nucleus cells were subjected to hydrogen peroxide similar to what happens in inflammation. Untreated cells often died but CBD treated cells thrived without permanent injury. Specifically the researches found much lower levels of inflammatory signaling molecules in the cells that stimulate the self-destructive cell processes. In the author’s own words: “Pre‑treatment with cannabidiol suppressed the promotion of COX‑2, iNOS, IL‑1β and IL‑6 expression in the nucleus pulposus cells following H2O2 exposure.”

This report expands the potential protective and healthful features that CBD can offer to those with herniated disc problems. It might prevent repeated episodes and improve the healing of an acute herniation. CBD appears to offer several other benefits including pain reduction, restoring nerve function and reducing muscle spasms. In addition CBD seems to be well absorbed through the skin to provide direct effects to joint, ligaments and muscles in the area.

An appropriate serving size for an acute episode might be 30 mg of CBD 2-3 times daily but only 1/4 may be needed for prevention. With no side effects, toxicity or other drug interaction cannabidiol may be the ideal treatment and prevention of ruptured disc diseases. I recommend Elixinol CBD products for quality and results.

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Protective effect of cannabidiol on hydrogen peroxide‑induced apoptosis, inflammation and oxidative stress in nucleus pulposus cells.

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