Ivor Cummins at Ketofest 2017 – The Chronic Disease Spectrum: A Story of Root Cause and Solution

What do you do when your doctors can offer little useful advice for nasty blood test results? Ivor Cummins kicks off with a personal tale of discovery. Along the way we’ll meet with some quite familiar risk factors. And some measures which may be less familiar, but rather more important. We must research ourselves to discover what matters the most. Otherwise we’ll just spin uselessly…in cholesterol circles.

The truth is that we all on a chronic disease spectrum. From the safe longevity end – right up to the metabolic mayhem of full-blown diabetes. There are many superb measures which can help us navigate to the safe end. But lacking insight, the orthodoxy fixates on cholesterol.

Like a damaged compass, cholesterol can lead us in entirely the wrong direction. Ivor will wrap up with the solutions to minimize chronic disease risk. Most anyone can reach the safe end of the spectrum – you just need to know the rules of the game.


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