Dry Eye Syndrome and CBD

Dry eye syndrome (DES) is one of the most prevalent ocular conditions in the United States and a frequent reason that people seek eye care. Inflammation of the lacrimal gland, the meibomian gland, and the ocular surface plays a significant role in DES.

Patients with DES have an increased concentration of inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin 1, interleukin 6, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), in the tear film.

Recently, several clients have reported that CBD has been very effective at helping their symptoms that have defied all other therapies to date. Oral use of Elixinol was used in these cases.
CBD has been shown in preclinical studies to be anti-inflammatory and inhibit interleukins and TNF in several disease models including arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease but there have been no reports about DES to date. For serving size use the manufacturers recommended amount for oral use and adjust to individual needs.

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