Cannabidiol could be a highly successful treatment for PTSD. Posttraumatic stress disorder is a vexing problem affecting over 3.5 million Americans, not just service veterans. This disorder is frequently associated with other debilitating problems including chronic pain, anxiety, addictions and suicide.

Current therapies can be effective but have frequent dropouts and side effects. On the other hand, CBD from non-psychoactive hemp has been shown to be as effective as the best psychiatry medicines but no significant side effects. Numerous clinical studies have suggested the potential of CBD for many conditions.

In addition, Current evidence and experience suggests Cannabidiol could be highly effective in many of the associated PTSD conditions including traumatic brain injury. Dr. Blair will elaborate on the current science and clinical experience in using CBD.

He is particularly appealing to veterans to attend and participate in CBD research. Sample servings will be available.


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